Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello everyone! I'm so excited to talk to you! You guys have no idea, I feel like I have been waiting forever to talk to you guys. It's so crazy! I want all your addresses so I can send letters every week on my p-days. 

Well, I love you guys so much and I realized that even more since being here. It makes me wanna cry all the time. The MTC here is called the CCM, which is pretty cool and all the people here are really awesome and nice. It's actually like 50/50 on Americans to Latinos, which is weird, but all the teachers are chilean but can speaK english as well. My teachers are all awesome, that's for sure. So today is Tuesday at 2 is my p-day, but it could change because districts are leaving to the field in a week

This first week has been so long. Probably the longest of my life. For all of you that think school is bad, you have no idea! I sit in a class all day trying to learn how to speak Spanish, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm picking it up pretty good, i think. We just started to practice talking to investigators and teaching so thats been fun. That's basically the most fun here besides writing and physical activity. But I WANT ALL YOUR ADDRESSES PRONTO. Es muy important to me and get my mailing address from my mom. She should have it or i can get it next week for ya. 

I just cant wait to get out in the field because thats where the magic happens. Love you guys! Can't wait to see those cardinals win the world series!!! 

Love you! Can't wait to hear back!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

I Made It!

Hey guys! I made it! 

This is just a short letter just telling you that i made it to the MTC okay. I don't know when my p-day will be, but I should find out soon. My flight was super long and I have had basically the longest day ever. Make sure to send me everyone's emails too. I want to write to everyone. Chile is an amazing place. It's so beautiful here. I met Elder Sherman at the the Phoenix airport -- he goes to Mountain View and he is super cool. My companion now is pretty awesome. He plays baseball like I do.  I have a couple pics of here so I will send it you on my p-day, but all my classes have been super cool, the teachers are all awesome and I already love it here. I just cant wait to get out in the field! 

Well got to go! Love you guys! Talk to you soon!

Elder Hale's Farewell Pics

 After getting set apart:

Steak dinner with friends and fam the night before leaving for Chile:

Brock's last hitting practice in TWO YEARS:

The final farewells at the airport:

Brandon and Brock - best buds!

Bye-bye Brocky!
Have fun in Chile!