Thursday, March 20, 2014


Well I think I have qualified to be a pioneer. im sure i could have made to missiouri by now! hahahah but everything is going good I have been walking a ton and trying to find people! Well we had some good times this lady let us go into her house and gave us water and stuff and we were just talking about religion and she brought up this stuff about the catholic church and how she is having problems. I then bore my testimony about the plan of salvation and shared a scripture and it went super freaking good!! Well I went to register my visa last week too and it took forever thats for sure but was good and then went to the doctor the next day for my ankle because its still been bothering me a little but he just told me to pop pills and do excercises, so thats good. Also today we went to the temple and guess who was there?! Ya you guessed David Archuleta doing his final temple run before he goes home! So I got to do a temple session with him hahaha but he is ssoooo shy and its almost kinda weird hahaha but hes a cool cat! but Im doing good and i love the temple a ton! But seriously I hear the most ridiculous excuses all day and the people are so annoyed with us hahaha but its all good! Oh and we had a meeting to have emergency plan for a natural disaster because we have little tremprs or little earth quakes but I dont think anything will happen but we just have to be prepared! but love you guys!


Monday, March 10, 2014

First Baptism

Whats up my cotton headed niggy muggins?! Well since I have got here I have been walking and havent stopped... basically sucks a lot hahaha not gonna but im suffering with joy and we are working hard so thats all that matters!! Well I honestly dont have a lot this week its honestly just been walking trying to find people thats it. I havent had the success that i want so far but you know what they say, while your suffering it just means there is a blessing around the corner! Im glad I learned tons of patience before my mission and on my mission because I have had to use it a lot no lie! But the best thing that happened this week was I had my first baptism!!! It was Nicolas martinez and it was on saturday and honestly I needed that so much and I got to see all the familiar faces in my old sector and companion! I really miss my old companion he was seriously so awesome and elder allen too!! But it was just a beautiful thing and now he is a member but the best part is that his mom loves the crap out of me!! seriously they just love me a ton!!! but I just felt like I was family there! The members here are super awesome to but i have just known the others for longer thats all! Well i saw this old man get hit by a car and it was nuts!!he freaking just walked it off to!! Well i hope your praying for me because I need it for the work here! Oh also thank you grandma for the gifts and martin for the jersey I freaking love it and all the latinos want to trade but that aint happening!!! Love you guys!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Well I'm in the Chena ward now, and the ward is great for sure.I'm super excited because this sector has a lot of people and a lot of potencial! I think I can turn this sector around. I didn't come into a white-wash, but we have no investigators progressing and no baptism dates either, so its going to be super tough for sure! Basically by the end of this change I want 6 dates and 22 to 25 lessons a week! You think I can do it?! With God nothing is impossible. Haha, but I think I can but anyway we have basically just been contacting this whole week because we dont have very many people to visit! anyway.

Everything is going good, and this change I'm gonna try to work with the members and the bishop a ton more to see if I can get help from him! But we had a good lesson with someone we contacted and actually was the original contact, but we have a lesson with them and I think she will get baptized! But we will see no promises, for sure. I love and miss you guys! OHHH we had a conference with the 70 evans and wow was that awesome. I loved every minute of it, but we had to wake up at freaking 5.... but definitely worth it. And after we had taco bell at the costanera centre!! love you!

what up?!?


the older man received his endowments from my old ward!


the river!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

San Bernando North

Well guys this was my last week in departamental! I have been changed to San Bernardo north now and i think it's going to be great! It was super weird though because the assistants called us and told us we were staying together, but then president called us on saturday and told me i was leaving.  it was a little sad but i'm excited, for real! My new companion is elder vargas who is from Mexico!! Anyway this week i was just kind of saying goodbye to the families and getting pics with everyone. 

Just want to say thank you to Grandma Ferrin, And aubrey blau. I got your packages and i absolutely loved them for sure! I was seriously so excited!!! anyone we have been working really hard with this less active family named pasten and we had a lesson with them that went so good! I pulled a elder holland on them! I read in john when jesus asks if peter loves them. so i started by assking them things they love then i read the scripture and input the things they said and explained how we are all missionaries right now and its time to edify the lords kingdom on the earth and just bore my testimony just super strong and the were both getting teared up. AHHHH I love those moments! Then anyway we had a lesson with alejandro and his friend who is a evangelico to but hes a lider in his church. alejandro says they think are baptism isnt valid, he says ask them why! so he asks us why and my comp responds and explains that they dont have authority to do it. used some scriptures then he says well where did you get your authority and priesthood so we explained how christ formed his church and the apostasy and that through the prophet joseph smith the priesthood was restored. He didnt have an answer and honestly he looked scared talking and nervous then basically him and alejandro just argued and basically he admitted that there churches were false and its a good business! OHHHH so freaking sick! killed them with the bible!!!! hahahaha but they both came to the church the next day to!! so its been a good week this week for sure i love you guys!!


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My family!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Crazy Experience

Well guys this week was pretty normal, for sure, except I had one pretty crazy experience! We were in the house of an investigator and we just passsed by to say hello, and he was all sad and he tells us that he got robbed! Man, he was furious because his pastor gave him stuff to buy for the church and he bought it, and the guy stole it! So we are in his house and he is just going off throwing a fit and everything tells us that the guy has robbed him 21 times! I guess he knows who the guy is, but he says "I don't know what to do!" He goes in his room, and next thing you know he is waving around a gun! He says" I want to kill him! I need to do something!!" Holy crap what are you doing!! he is just waving around this gun, and i was just thinking "crap i'm actually going to get shot on my mission!" hahahahah It was pretty funny though. We gave him a blessing, and he was chilled out after hahaha. 

Anyway, we had lunch at president's house today, and his house is so freaking nice I absolutely loved it. I felt at home for real!! I got to play catch with the baseball! That was awesome too. Anyway, everything is going good. Satan is working hard (as usual) with our investigators, but we are too. The weather here is really nice in the mornings and nights I'm actually a little bit cold in the morning, and the sun here to is super strong because i guess the ozone here is super thin so that sucks! But ya im waking up thirty minutes or an hour early every morning to read the bible because honestly i feel so unprepared for sure, so i have to make up for it!! but we have been working hard and walking tons, but i am happy and thats what keeps me going, super grateful. And i have changes next monday wish me luck!

"Elder Hale's First Vision"

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Ant problems...

Presidents mansion

Monday, February 10, 2014

pasa mi la copa pere servirme un poquito

Well this week was pretty fast not gonna lie im trying to think of everything that happened!!! Well to start saludos a mi boy brandon eyring for an awwesome mission!! but anyway on monday we were going to hectors house and he is like a missionary man! he is always telling us about all these people who need blessings in their life and all this stuff its so great! but he wanted us to come back and meet this guy who needs blessings and i was on divisions with elder wall so we went over there and the guy is a flippin less active. He Really wanted a blessing too!!! hahaha so I explained thats its sacred and we need reverence and silence during the prayer to hector so I gave the prayer and during the prayer I hear " Si SENOR. Amen senor." I was pretty sure i explained myself clearly hahahaha but no the spirit was so strong and it went really awesome for real I have never had the spirit guide my prayer that strong in my life! Its funny too because my first blessing was in spanish... hahaha weird but anyway we had a good week! We had 16 lessons and its always getting better for us thats for sure. We have 5 baptism dates but the only three are probably going to go through. Thats okay though but i had an interview with president and wow he is just soo intelligent and he sincerely cares about everyone and right now he is my hero!! hhahah hes so cool and because honestly i feel pretty dumb right now on my mission so im waking up 30 minutes every morning to read the new testament! That is the holy grail of christains so i have to read it and i love it too!! 
    Funny story of the week goes too this guy named Fernando parra! we go to this guys house and he has a bottle of beer just sitting on his counter and we are talking to him trying to teach and its not going very well. So next thing you know, he takes out his pointer finger and says you know what this is for?! Its to point!! then his pinkie finger and asks my companion " you know the significance of this finger?!" my companion says " I dont know to scratch your ear." he says "correcto because its small and can enter your ear." hahahaha then he says did you know jesus christ drank, we were like no he didnt where does it say that? in the bible when he was on the cross! you what he said?! my comp says forgive them for they know not what they do. he says no before that! we were just like i dont know what did he say? he says " pass me the cup but serve me only a little!" hahahahahahahaha oh my gosh we just started busting up laughing hahahah! then we explained to him what it really was hahaha but love you guys take care!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Saving Souls, Not Making Numbers

Hola hermanos y hermanas mio! Well first i would like to start out by saying I saw a ferrari. No big deal.... Actually, it was a big deal because you never see cars like that here!! hahahah so sick! but anyway, this week was super good. we have 5 baptism dates right now, which i'm super excited about! except two will have to get pushed back for sure, but thats okay. we are saving souls, not making numbers hahaha. 

butone is the evangelico guy and the other two are people who have been taking the lessons for about a year now! They are all in march, but the Evangelico came to church and he loved it! as he would say, " Im filled with blessings!" hahaha. it was so funny because during the lesson in class and the prayer he would just start saying " Si senor! Amen!" i was trying not to laugh, but we ended up teaching him how to pray, and now he knows so its all good!!!

The other girl we have been working with and she wasn't progressing at all and we had lesson franka -- which is like throw out there and if she doesn't progress then drop em. But she has been progressing, expressing doubts and all this stuff. I ended up teaching the whole first lesson by myself basically, and I felt prompted to ask to be baptized earlier and so had my companion so I invited her and she just kinda started laughing. Then she was like no i'm not ready -- this kinda stuff -- and we kept pushing and pushing and she agreed to be baptized as long as she was ready!!! So happy, for real. this girl has been working with missionaries for 1 year. it just goes to show people are being prepared!!!!  

Then with our investigator Alejandro we had an awesome lesson with him, and he had some questions about his church and all this stuff. but he basically told us "ya I need to be baptized in the mormon church" hahahaha! So awesome!! But we have been working really hard with the young bucks in the ward, and it's turning out super good and my comp and elder allen are counselors now so boom there you go!! So it means every friday i get to lead the sector YES!! hahahaha I love it and I see how well i can actually speak to people!!

 Well i love you guys and grateful for everything!! My ankle is a lot better but still tight, a little swollen, and a little tender haha Chao mi perritos!!! love ya!!!


clay courts. I'm gonna play soon.


Dr. Pepper. Pure happiness.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sprained Ankle

Well, whats going on in the 480?! This week was pretty crazy, but a good one for sure! We had divisions on friday and I had to lead our sector with a kid who only had two weeks experience! I actually did really good, and I was surprised how well my spanish was when I was talking with the people. It's different when you have to do it on your own because a lot of times my companion talks a lot hahaha. So when I talk I have to bring down the hammer on them! hahaha! 

Well it's been strange, we have three people with baptism dates, but we might have to push them back because they having been coming to church. We had a really good lesson last night with one of them and he said he would come to church the next week so that works for me! 

Also we have been working with this family really closely and we have gained a lot of trust with them, so yesterday we talked with them and the mom kinda just poured her heart out to us and why she hasn't been coming to church. It's weird because we visit these less-actives and a lot of times they have super strong testimonies, but they just have a problem with someone in the ward or something like that. This hermana served a mission and has read the book of mormon many times but she doesn't want to come because of stuff with her sons and problems, but we will get them to come for sure! Also it was crazy -- we went to a person's house and they weren't there. It was already late and we had an hour before we had to be back in the house, so I was just thinking crap we are probably just going to walk around for an hour! But in that hour, we met with about three different people who we have meetings with. I just thought that was such a blessing for us hahaha! This week though I was so flipping tired, and so full. I was given so much food multiple times i thought I was going to throw up! hahahaha but then there is one bad thing I think I sprained my ankle today during soccer, so that sucks because it hurts so bad! Oh and i have my package!!!!! LOVE YOU!!


Oh if you send me something like a package don't send it through anything but united states postal service. I paid 108 dollars to get my package.....


108 bucks. seriously.

JB baby. All children of God.

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love you guys!

He lives in Garden Grove! Went to high school with Haley!

ankle problems...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Amen Señor!

Well this week was full of adventure, for sure! I was super grateful for my experiences and I loved it! First though I have been told I will receive my package this wednesday, and they took care of everything so thats great! Anyway, this week we ran into some painters that were painting our house and we contacted them and ended up setting a meeting with them for saturday. We met up with them on saturday and holy moses was this lesson powerful and just so intense. Probably the most intense lesson I have had in my life. Just shows me that the lord puts people in our path to help them. Also we had family home evening with hermano manuel and he brought his neighbors who are not members, we watched the talk given by Tad Callister who talked about the organization of the church, and wow that is doctrine look him up! After the talk they really understood the mormon church and we all bore our testimonies, and she said that was the first time she has felt anything from anyone! 

Well the baptisms we tried to put weren't really anything like I told you before, we haven't talked to the guy forever. We pass by his house all the time and he is never there! But with Ana Maria and her daughter we put a baptism date for March 1! Now all they have to do is come to church because she told us she knows the church is true! The only problem is that her daughter has schitzophrenia, so she is worried to bring her especially in the morning. Also we contacted a man on the street on saturday and we visited him on sunday. This guy is an evangelico and we just kinda got to know him and all that. The lesson went pretty freaking good but this guy was over the top with his amen and praise the lord. While I was giving the prayer he just kept saying Amen Senor! hahahahah tried so hard not to laugh! But anyway my comp asked the guy to close the door and the guy asked why? So my comp shared the scripture matthew 6: 5-7 and basically told him he was a hypocrite. Then we talked about prophets and apostles and priesthood and I can't remember what scripture he used but he also used ephesians 4:5 - one faith, one senor, one baptism, and said "do you have a prophet, apostles or priesthood?" he said no. "then your church is false!" I was just like oh snap hahahahahah wow! but he ended up accepting a baptism too for the 8th of March hahahaha! Super genial enserio! but everything is all good, I had my fisrst bbq and it was super flipping good! oh you guys need to look up huilo huilo in chile it is so flipping beautiful! love you guys!

animal fried chileano

asado! bbq

mom i need more ties!

completo grande

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ana Maria

Hello family and friends. I hope you are all doing just dandy because I am! Sorry I couldn't write very long last week because we went hiking but that was super fun, and I have some awesome pics so be ready for that! Well on thursday I had the opportunity to do service for a guy in our ward and he is super cool, not gonna lie, I love that family! But we helped take out the metal sheets in his roof we aren't done, but it was definitely fun! Also, this week was a lot of contacting on the Simi and to my surprise worked really well this week we have six potential investigators or people we haven't visited before! 

Anyway the highlight of my week was definitely teaching this lady Ana Maria, she has a daughter who is not all their in the head but is super fun and smart. Her mom is Catholic and the first time we taught she didn't really care to listen, but we invited her too and she did. She had tons of questions and wanted to know more. Our next visit she was super excited to learn and again had tons of questions and it was just crazy, we answered all of them hahaha, but she said " I dont know why but usually with people like you, I just reject them and don't want to hear anything, but with you guys I decided to listen. I feel really peaceful right now." She definitely felt the spirit, but we asked her to come to church three times and she said no I have things to do. Then I said pretty sternly " If Jesus Christ was here and he told if you went to church he would send you the spirit, would you go?" she answered "Yes." Then i said " Well as representatives of Jesus Christ I promise you that if you go he will send the spirit to you and the spirit will testify that our message is true. will you go?" she said yes! hahahaha but she ended up not coming but thats okay because it was super spiritual! At church though we had 3 inactives come to church two of them were the Bishop with the problems and his wife and man he looked good! He just looked so happy too! Helped my testimony a TON! 

Well my new years consisted of good food and The Testaments love you guys!

thug life

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milkshakes. mom would be proud.

transfers. so long elder soulier.

haircut time. sorry jackie :(