Monday, January 13, 2014

Ana Maria

Hello family and friends. I hope you are all doing just dandy because I am! Sorry I couldn't write very long last week because we went hiking but that was super fun, and I have some awesome pics so be ready for that! Well on thursday I had the opportunity to do service for a guy in our ward and he is super cool, not gonna lie, I love that family! But we helped take out the metal sheets in his roof we aren't done, but it was definitely fun! Also, this week was a lot of contacting on the Simi and to my surprise worked really well this week we have six potential investigators or people we haven't visited before! 

Anyway the highlight of my week was definitely teaching this lady Ana Maria, she has a daughter who is not all their in the head but is super fun and smart. Her mom is Catholic and the first time we taught she didn't really care to listen, but we invited her too and she did. She had tons of questions and wanted to know more. Our next visit she was super excited to learn and again had tons of questions and it was just crazy, we answered all of them hahaha, but she said " I dont know why but usually with people like you, I just reject them and don't want to hear anything, but with you guys I decided to listen. I feel really peaceful right now." She definitely felt the spirit, but we asked her to come to church three times and she said no I have things to do. Then I said pretty sternly " If Jesus Christ was here and he told if you went to church he would send you the spirit, would you go?" she answered "Yes." Then i said " Well as representatives of Jesus Christ I promise you that if you go he will send the spirit to you and the spirit will testify that our message is true. will you go?" she said yes! hahahaha but she ended up not coming but thats okay because it was super spiritual! At church though we had 3 inactives come to church two of them were the Bishop with the problems and his wife and man he looked good! He just looked so happy too! Helped my testimony a TON! 

Well my new years consisted of good food and The Testaments love you guys!

thug life

mom would be proud!

milkshakes. mom would be proud.

transfers. so long elder soulier.

haircut time. sorry jackie :(

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