Monday, January 20, 2014

Amen Señor!

Well this week was full of adventure, for sure! I was super grateful for my experiences and I loved it! First though I have been told I will receive my package this wednesday, and they took care of everything so thats great! Anyway, this week we ran into some painters that were painting our house and we contacted them and ended up setting a meeting with them for saturday. We met up with them on saturday and holy moses was this lesson powerful and just so intense. Probably the most intense lesson I have had in my life. Just shows me that the lord puts people in our path to help them. Also we had family home evening with hermano manuel and he brought his neighbors who are not members, we watched the talk given by Tad Callister who talked about the organization of the church, and wow that is doctrine look him up! After the talk they really understood the mormon church and we all bore our testimonies, and she said that was the first time she has felt anything from anyone! 

Well the baptisms we tried to put weren't really anything like I told you before, we haven't talked to the guy forever. We pass by his house all the time and he is never there! But with Ana Maria and her daughter we put a baptism date for March 1! Now all they have to do is come to church because she told us she knows the church is true! The only problem is that her daughter has schitzophrenia, so she is worried to bring her especially in the morning. Also we contacted a man on the street on saturday and we visited him on sunday. This guy is an evangelico and we just kinda got to know him and all that. The lesson went pretty freaking good but this guy was over the top with his amen and praise the lord. While I was giving the prayer he just kept saying Amen Senor! hahahahah tried so hard not to laugh! But anyway my comp asked the guy to close the door and the guy asked why? So my comp shared the scripture matthew 6: 5-7 and basically told him he was a hypocrite. Then we talked about prophets and apostles and priesthood and I can't remember what scripture he used but he also used ephesians 4:5 - one faith, one senor, one baptism, and said "do you have a prophet, apostles or priesthood?" he said no. "then your church is false!" I was just like oh snap hahahahahah wow! but he ended up accepting a baptism too for the 8th of March hahahaha! Super genial enserio! but everything is all good, I had my fisrst bbq and it was super flipping good! oh you guys need to look up huilo huilo in chile it is so flipping beautiful! love you guys!

animal fried chileano

asado! bbq

mom i need more ties!

completo grande

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