Monday, January 6, 2014

Cool Stories

Hello everyone! Sorry this week i don't have much time at all because we went on a hike today and it took a lot longer than expected, so sorry. Well this week has had its ups and downs -- definitely not the week we thought it was going to be, but it was good! It was actually a lot like my first week in the field walking door-to-door and finding people. Not my favorite, but it works hahahah. But i had some cool stories! So in the ward they give out a book of mormon and they have to give it away to someone and its super cool. This guy hermano manuel came contacting with us and you could tell he was kinda nervous, but we ended up talking to this girl. He started by reading the bible and then relating it to the book of mormon and he did an excellent job i was so impressed and it made me think wow, the real missionaries are the ones in the ward, just super awesome! 

Also another thing was this Bravo family, they haven't been active and we went to their house 5 straight days and on the fifth day we went with a member who is the secretary in the stake, but the crazy thing is is this guy who is a less active was a bishop. crazy right? But the situation he is in is insanely crazy. The guy has a testimony, but just said i'm taking a vacation from the church and my companion read a scripture, and told its time to end that vacation. He said your right i will be at church next week! Wow it just strengthens my testimony to hear stuff like that and to know the Lord is preparing everyone for certain people to hear the gospel! 

Well my hike was fun and super beautiful. i love you all! chau!

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