Monday, March 10, 2014

First Baptism

Whats up my cotton headed niggy muggins?! Well since I have got here I have been walking and havent stopped... basically sucks a lot hahaha not gonna but im suffering with joy and we are working hard so thats all that matters!! Well I honestly dont have a lot this week its honestly just been walking trying to find people thats it. I havent had the success that i want so far but you know what they say, while your suffering it just means there is a blessing around the corner! Im glad I learned tons of patience before my mission and on my mission because I have had to use it a lot no lie! But the best thing that happened this week was I had my first baptism!!! It was Nicolas martinez and it was on saturday and honestly I needed that so much and I got to see all the familiar faces in my old sector and companion! I really miss my old companion he was seriously so awesome and elder allen too!! But it was just a beautiful thing and now he is a member but the best part is that his mom loves the crap out of me!! seriously they just love me a ton!!! but I just felt like I was family there! The members here are super awesome to but i have just known the others for longer thats all! Well i saw this old man get hit by a car and it was nuts!!he freaking just walked it off to!! Well i hope your praying for me because I need it for the work here! Oh also thank you grandma for the gifts and martin for the jersey I freaking love it and all the latinos want to trade but that aint happening!!! Love you guys!

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