Thursday, March 20, 2014


Well I think I have qualified to be a pioneer. im sure i could have made to missiouri by now! hahahah but everything is going good I have been walking a ton and trying to find people! Well we had some good times this lady let us go into her house and gave us water and stuff and we were just talking about religion and she brought up this stuff about the catholic church and how she is having problems. I then bore my testimony about the plan of salvation and shared a scripture and it went super freaking good!! Well I went to register my visa last week too and it took forever thats for sure but was good and then went to the doctor the next day for my ankle because its still been bothering me a little but he just told me to pop pills and do excercises, so thats good. Also today we went to the temple and guess who was there?! Ya you guessed David Archuleta doing his final temple run before he goes home! So I got to do a temple session with him hahaha but he is ssoooo shy and its almost kinda weird hahaha but hes a cool cat! but Im doing good and i love the temple a ton! But seriously I hear the most ridiculous excuses all day and the people are so annoyed with us hahaha but its all good! Oh and we had a meeting to have emergency plan for a natural disaster because we have little tremprs or little earth quakes but I dont think anything will happen but we just have to be prepared! but love you guys!


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