Monday, March 3, 2014


Well I'm in the Chena ward now, and the ward is great for sure.I'm super excited because this sector has a lot of people and a lot of potencial! I think I can turn this sector around. I didn't come into a white-wash, but we have no investigators progressing and no baptism dates either, so its going to be super tough for sure! Basically by the end of this change I want 6 dates and 22 to 25 lessons a week! You think I can do it?! With God nothing is impossible. Haha, but I think I can but anyway we have basically just been contacting this whole week because we dont have very many people to visit! anyway.

Everything is going good, and this change I'm gonna try to work with the members and the bishop a ton more to see if I can get help from him! But we had a good lesson with someone we contacted and actually was the original contact, but we have a lesson with them and I think she will get baptized! But we will see no promises, for sure. I love and miss you guys! OHHH we had a conference with the 70 evans and wow was that awesome. I loved every minute of it, but we had to wake up at freaking 5.... but definitely worth it. And after we had taco bell at the costanera centre!! love you!

what up?!?


the older man received his endowments from my old ward!


the river!

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