Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"2 More Weeks in Spiritual Prison" (The CCM - Week 4)

Well hello brothers and sisters and family and friends. What's up in the 480! Well this week was pretty standard. Basically we had p-day and temple, which was awesome. And actually this morning all the elders left for their mission, so that is crazy! What's even more crazy is that I only have two weeks left in spiritual prison! Yay! Hahaha JK. It's good to be here. You learn a lot while you're here, and it will help me a lot in the field, but I can't wait to get into the field! Well, tell Kaylee she has a present in the mail that I'm sending today so she will probably get in two weeks hahaha. Well the first mail I sent you should be getting there any day now! Well I love my teachers here. They are super awesome, and I'm super grateful for them! We are tight with all of them except one teacher. When he plays investigators he picks the weirdest ones ever. It's over the top like I laughed out loud in the lesson! Hahahaha well I hope everything is going good ,and your stomach is filled with good food because I get to eat mystery meat and mashed potatoes and rice. They served blood sausage yesterday and intestines another day! I'm gaining a little weight, but I'm exercising good to keep in shape so don't worry! Well we went to this sandwich place and they were huge! You will see a pic! 

Well it's time to get off, but I love you all and you will have more mail every week till I'm in the field! But my brothers and sisters I want to know how my nieces and nephews are doing because I miss them more than you know. So don't slack! Love you all especially mom and dad! Bye!

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