Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The CCM - Week 5

Hola from Chile hermanos y hermanas! I'm having an awesome time here! Guess what? I only have one more week here, and I'm so excited! We started all of our classes in just Spanish and every sunday we listen to everyone in Spanish and it's pretty good! I have finished my three fast sundays here because every two weeks you have a fast sunday for the Latinos that show up here. It's really weird that I'm actually going to leave because I feel like I can never get out! Hahaha! But hey, Ryker is out in the mission now so thats awesome for him! Guarranteed he hardly knows what anyone says! Hahaha JK not that bad! But my week has been awesome. Just been teaching fake investigators and practicing! But I did have some pretty cool experiences!

Entonces I had to give a talk in priesthood about the missionary objective in Spanish, and it's funny because while I'm up there I have no idea if anyone knows what I'm saying at all. I just pray they do hahaha! Also we watched The Testaments in Spanish, and I probably felt the spirit more watching it in Spanish than I did watching it in English. It was nuts, and I loved that feeling! Also I have grown a deep appreciation for temples here because every saturday they have wards from chile come to the temple, and while talking to these people they always say that it took like 8 hours or more, usually. Just super far away and they can only come like once a year. The members here are truly faithful and it's kinda sad how many people don't use the temple and they are so close. We even have missionaries here getting their endowments for the first time. Crazy I know! Well I love you all! 

And I'm getting super good at soccer by the way hahahah! love you!

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