Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The CCM - Week 2

Hey, well this week was pretty good in the CCM! It was pretty freaking, long not gonna lie at all, but m glad I had mail when I got onto here because that's what I look forward to all the time is p-day! I sent some letters home so you should be getting some in two weeks but if you send mail send it to the mission home because I will be there by then. I guess it takes a lot longer to send in than out, but it's okay. 

Mom, I need my athletic band for physical therapy and you need to call the bank because my card isn'I working in the ATMs, so ya that's what i need! Also pictures of all you guys. That's very important to me! 

Well on sunday an area of the seventy came and spoke to us, but he spoke to us in spanish but it didn't matter because I still felt the spirit strong with him and I loved it! Well I'm just learning learning learning. Basically, my spanish is okay but I'm getting better. It can't all come at once right?! Well it's so beautiful here and i love the weather. Like I could probably live here. And I was able to go through the Santiago temple which was beautiful and I loved it, but not as much as I love you guys, haha. It's crazy here. I just was able to read the letters the grandkids left me today and I bawled my eyes out.... I miss home so much, but I'm staying strong, haha. It's just surreal because our roommates left today to the field. I can't wait for the field. It's gonna be sick. 

I love you guys! Write back soon! oh and my p-days are either at  2 or 4 my time. love ya!

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