Saturday, November 16, 2013

Elder Holland (The CCM - Week 3)

Wow wow wow wow! Elder Holland came and spoke to us at the MTC here today, and it was insane. I was sitting like 15ft. from him and it was absolutely amazing! I could feel the power in his words and it was just so awesome. I knew that he was a man of god and I felt the spirit so strong. He basically changed my mission because he changed my outlook on how I see missionary work. I owe my mission to Elder Holland and I will always be grateful for his testimony. He gave a broadcast today and oh my gosh he just speaks with such power and such conviction. This is the work of the lord here. We are here to save souls, not to get baptisms. I can honestly sit here and just talk all day to you about him because it was that good. One thing that stuck out to me was 'never ask the question why is this work so hard?' It's hard because salvation isn't a cheap experience. Think about that.. Let it sink in because that's powerful and can apply to all of us. 

Well, this week has been really great. I just loved it! Me and my companion have been doing really well and give awesome lessons! The language is coming along just dandy, so I'm excited! I can't wait to get into the field. I'm half way done! Crazy right?! Well I'm going to be sending more letters home. I have one for Jefferson and Brandon in there, so make sure they get it. 

Well I love you guys so much this church is true and blesses families. Once a missionary always a missionary.

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