Monday, December 23, 2013

Bittersweet Week

Hey, so this was a bittersweet week, for sure. we asked our first guy to be baptized, and he said yes! so that was awesome, and we are working on this 15-year-old boy, so we will see how that goes! The bitter part is that i got sick on thursday, a day before our huge christmas activity which sucked! Elder Allen and I both got sick so we both stayed in thursday night and missed the sports friday morning... but on the upside we got to watch Remember the Titans for our activity in spanish! Holy crap! i was so happy! basically it was a spiritual experience and healed me of my sickness hahaha! so i have tons of pictures this week for you guys. Also we were able to have an awesome dinner and a gift exchange, where I received the best gift ever which was a tellitubbie.... worst gift exchange ever hahaha. it was like someone picked it up off the street hahah, but its all good. i cherish it now!

Well i can't wait to skype you guys and hear about all your cool presents and such. that's not gonna make me super jealous hahaha. Well my plans are to work and go to members houses I believe. and for lunch on christmas, me and my comp are probably going to do a little cookout thing idk. maybe because the guys a chef! hahaha but not as good as chef Brad of course! hahaha miss those smoothies.... anyway the work here has been pretty slow, but we are starting to pick up day by day, so we will see how that goes. We are starting to get to know the members and getting help from them so its going good for sure!. Oh I forgot we went caroling these last two days and it went awesome. we just spread the christmas spirit all over town! hahhaha but people actually really love it, but it really just doesn't feel like christmas.... well love you! bye!

my gift exchange present


we felt and earthquake for real...

im a reindeer


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