Monday, December 16, 2013

"The Work is Coming"

what's up everyone?! what's cracking in the 480?! well i'm not gonna lie this week was pretty tough because as you guys know i'm in a whitewash area, and so we are starting from the ground up. so basically everyday we wake up, do studies and go contact less actives and knock doors for the rest of the day just trying to find new investigators to teach. so as you can imagine it's been pretty tough, my feet flippin hurt. it's almost as bad as going to disneyland three days straight hahahah! but seriously.... well one of my great stories this week was my companion and I were looking for this person and couldn't find the house, but there was this guy just getting out of his car and it was an elantra like ours! so i was like "hey man i like your car!" so we talked and he spoke a little english so it was all good, and next thing you know he is telling me he has cancer and all this stuff. like he has a kid and a wife, but his wife doesn't seem to care too much about him and he is just having a rough time. so i told him "hey our message is centered on jesus christ and families. I know our message can help you. you love your son, right? yes he said. Well through our church and the gospel you can live with your son forever and with god." right when i said that his eyes lit up, and i got his information and all this stuff, so i'm really excited to see where it goes!
Also thursday through saturday was just knocking on doors with little to no success, so my companion and i were super frustrated and were just like where do we need to go?! why can't we find people? but in my head i had a thought that said "brock be patient the work is coming." so I just thought about 1 nephi 3:7 and put my trust in the lord, and that night i prayed so hard! the next day we had 2 investigators come to church and 1 less active! wow my prayer was answered! but last night was the devotional and i heard david archuelta perform and he is pretty good, and i had a great time! well love you guys a lot! miss you!

this is my planner. cool right?!

feliz navidad

juice and ice cream

david archuleta concert

investigator and less active

sick pic

keeping selfie sunday alive

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