Monday, December 9, 2013

In the Field

hello fellow troopers! i made it here and have finished my first week and it has been crazy! hahaha i'm digging it, though it's way better than the ccm! my new companion is elder ocarez from Ecuador and he is awesome. i love him to death! but we had thanksgiving in the ccm, so that was really good but it made me miss home a lot. it was bittersweet for sure, but thats okay. sorry i wasn't able to write. they don't give you a p-day your first day in the field. bummer right? well, esta bien. i love it here. there are tons of great people!

the people here are really poor a lot of the time, and its super sad -- like this old woman by herself with no gas for herself and like no water or money. it was super sad. she kept saying i need the the words of christ! so sad, i wanted to cry but we are gonna do a little service for her on wednesday i think.

this week has been kinda frustrating -- not gonna lie -- but great at the same time. the people here in chile have terrible spanish and speak so flippin fast, so its really hard to understand, but i'm catching on to it! but anyway, i have been really getting frustrated, especially yesterday. i was getting mad and my mind was just exhausted and wanted to go home, but i just kept a smile on my face and kept a good attitude and it went good the rest of the time. we entered a house, which is like unheard of because they all have gates or just don't want to talk to you so you contact through a gate and it makes it so much harder! but we taught that guy a lesson then met a less-active and we talked for about an hour, and this lady and i were just talking while my comp was talking to the kid. she was less active, but after we left he says, 'dude your spanish was perfect. i understood everything you said and you carried a conversation with her for like 30 or 45 minutes that was the gift of tongues!'  It was weird because i didn't think much of it, but i understood what the lady was saying and it was so awesome! but i'm in a white wash area, so we had to start from the bottom up and so we are just contacting a lot and finding less actives and future investigators. the list is so flippin long of inactives it's crazy! 

it's weird here. lunch is the big meal of the day, so it's really freaking good and i eat a lot of rice and i love it!

i'm gonna miss the food here in chile when i come home! but also my schedule is weird because chileans are night people so i dont go to bed till 11:30 and dont wake up till 7:30 so weird i know! 

sorry tj for the bad grammar. it's hard when you don't have much time. just work with me!


i forgot to tell you about my best friend named juan carlos. he was this little kid at the temple we talked to and i absolutely loved him! every time me and my companion go contacting in the temple we just talk to kids because they are the best and fun to talk to! we are going to the biggest mall in south america today so you will have better pics next week! hahaha there are so many stray dogs here! ohh i dont think i told you the story of this girl trying to hug me hahaha well basically we met this girl she spoke english (not a member) and at the end she tried giving me a hug and i just gave her the heisman stiff arm baby! said nope that's not how missionaries roll hermana! ahhahaha! tj, tressa, holli, tricia, jheri, chase--you all dropped the ball this time. i didn't here one peep on my nieces and nephews..... i will let it slide this time but next week will be different hahaha. well i don't know if i will be able to write because i will be leaving but love you guys!

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