Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Miracle

Hey guys, hows it going?! How was your christmas?! Hopefully amazing! Well this week was a good one, that's for sure. I had the opportunity to see all your faces and talk with your guys. Super grateful. No lie. Anyway after we skyped we headed over to the Bishop's house for dinner, and man was it really good, but it was super important to gain trust and have a good relationship with him. The night went so perfect with the perfect mixture of fun and spiritual, man it was just awesome. 

But guys, you wont believe it. I had a christmas miracle in my mission! We got some presents and stuff, but it wasn't about that, we had no where to go and were just kinda walking and my comp tells me to call hermano manuel, super random but I did and I guess his son was sick, but we passed by anyway. Remember he is a member too and he got baptized I think a year or maybe 3 ago--don't know--but we were just kinda messing around, then we got into kind of a lesson and usually with members it's just a scripture but we practiced the first lesson for some reason with the pamphlet. While we were teaching he was telling us all about his conversion and his baptism and how good he felt and he started talking about the missionaries that baptized him. We finally ended in a prayer right when the prayer was done the phone rang, and guess who it was, The MISSIONARY that baptized him!!! HOLY CRap it was crazy and once he got off the phone he sat down and told us he had a feeling to call him all day and kinda just shrugged it off but during the prayer he had the thought in his mind call him! Call him! and he called wow! Super crazy, and he just started crying, then we gave his son a blessing and were on our way! Super crazy. But anyway we cant' leave our house tomorrow and the work is starting to get better here so I'm super grateful love you guys!


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