Monday, February 17, 2014

Crazy Experience

Well guys this week was pretty normal, for sure, except I had one pretty crazy experience! We were in the house of an investigator and we just passsed by to say hello, and he was all sad and he tells us that he got robbed! Man, he was furious because his pastor gave him stuff to buy for the church and he bought it, and the guy stole it! So we are in his house and he is just going off throwing a fit and everything tells us that the guy has robbed him 21 times! I guess he knows who the guy is, but he says "I don't know what to do!" He goes in his room, and next thing you know he is waving around a gun! He says" I want to kill him! I need to do something!!" Holy crap what are you doing!! he is just waving around this gun, and i was just thinking "crap i'm actually going to get shot on my mission!" hahahahah It was pretty funny though. We gave him a blessing, and he was chilled out after hahaha. 

Anyway, we had lunch at president's house today, and his house is so freaking nice I absolutely loved it. I felt at home for real!! I got to play catch with the baseball! That was awesome too. Anyway, everything is going good. Satan is working hard (as usual) with our investigators, but we are too. The weather here is really nice in the mornings and nights I'm actually a little bit cold in the morning, and the sun here to is super strong because i guess the ozone here is super thin so that sucks! But ya im waking up thirty minutes or an hour early every morning to read the bible because honestly i feel so unprepared for sure, so i have to make up for it!! but we have been working hard and walking tons, but i am happy and thats what keeps me going, super grateful. And i have changes next monday wish me luck!

"Elder Hale's First Vision"

Hi Mom!



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Presidents mansion

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