Thursday, February 27, 2014

San Bernando North

Well guys this was my last week in departamental! I have been changed to San Bernardo north now and i think it's going to be great! It was super weird though because the assistants called us and told us we were staying together, but then president called us on saturday and told me i was leaving.  it was a little sad but i'm excited, for real! My new companion is elder vargas who is from Mexico!! Anyway this week i was just kind of saying goodbye to the families and getting pics with everyone. 

Just want to say thank you to Grandma Ferrin, And aubrey blau. I got your packages and i absolutely loved them for sure! I was seriously so excited!!! anyone we have been working really hard with this less active family named pasten and we had a lesson with them that went so good! I pulled a elder holland on them! I read in john when jesus asks if peter loves them. so i started by assking them things they love then i read the scripture and input the things they said and explained how we are all missionaries right now and its time to edify the lords kingdom on the earth and just bore my testimony just super strong and the were both getting teared up. AHHHH I love those moments! Then anyway we had a lesson with alejandro and his friend who is a evangelico to but hes a lider in his church. alejandro says they think are baptism isnt valid, he says ask them why! so he asks us why and my comp responds and explains that they dont have authority to do it. used some scriptures then he says well where did you get your authority and priesthood so we explained how christ formed his church and the apostasy and that through the prophet joseph smith the priesthood was restored. He didnt have an answer and honestly he looked scared talking and nervous then basically him and alejandro just argued and basically he admitted that there churches were false and its a good business! OHHHH so freaking sick! killed them with the bible!!!! hahahaha but they both came to the church the next day to!! so its been a good week this week for sure i love you guys!!


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