Monday, February 10, 2014

pasa mi la copa pere servirme un poquito

Well this week was pretty fast not gonna lie im trying to think of everything that happened!!! Well to start saludos a mi boy brandon eyring for an awwesome mission!! but anyway on monday we were going to hectors house and he is like a missionary man! he is always telling us about all these people who need blessings in their life and all this stuff its so great! but he wanted us to come back and meet this guy who needs blessings and i was on divisions with elder wall so we went over there and the guy is a flippin less active. He Really wanted a blessing too!!! hahaha so I explained thats its sacred and we need reverence and silence during the prayer to hector so I gave the prayer and during the prayer I hear " Si SENOR. Amen senor." I was pretty sure i explained myself clearly hahahaha but no the spirit was so strong and it went really awesome for real I have never had the spirit guide my prayer that strong in my life! Its funny too because my first blessing was in spanish... hahaha weird but anyway we had a good week! We had 16 lessons and its always getting better for us thats for sure. We have 5 baptism dates but the only three are probably going to go through. Thats okay though but i had an interview with president and wow he is just soo intelligent and he sincerely cares about everyone and right now he is my hero!! hhahah hes so cool and because honestly i feel pretty dumb right now on my mission so im waking up 30 minutes every morning to read the new testament! That is the holy grail of christains so i have to read it and i love it too!! 
    Funny story of the week goes too this guy named Fernando parra! we go to this guys house and he has a bottle of beer just sitting on his counter and we are talking to him trying to teach and its not going very well. So next thing you know, he takes out his pointer finger and says you know what this is for?! Its to point!! then his pinkie finger and asks my companion " you know the significance of this finger?!" my companion says " I dont know to scratch your ear." he says "correcto because its small and can enter your ear." hahahaha then he says did you know jesus christ drank, we were like no he didnt where does it say that? in the bible when he was on the cross! you what he said?! my comp says forgive them for they know not what they do. he says no before that! we were just like i dont know what did he say? he says " pass me the cup but serve me only a little!" hahahahahahahaha oh my gosh we just started busting up laughing hahahah! then we explained to him what it really was hahaha but love you guys take care!!

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