Monday, February 3, 2014

Saving Souls, Not Making Numbers

Hola hermanos y hermanas mio! Well first i would like to start out by saying I saw a ferrari. No big deal.... Actually, it was a big deal because you never see cars like that here!! hahahah so sick! but anyway, this week was super good. we have 5 baptism dates right now, which i'm super excited about! except two will have to get pushed back for sure, but thats okay. we are saving souls, not making numbers hahaha. 

butone is the evangelico guy and the other two are people who have been taking the lessons for about a year now! They are all in march, but the Evangelico came to church and he loved it! as he would say, " Im filled with blessings!" hahaha. it was so funny because during the lesson in class and the prayer he would just start saying " Si senor! Amen!" i was trying not to laugh, but we ended up teaching him how to pray, and now he knows so its all good!!!

The other girl we have been working with and she wasn't progressing at all and we had lesson franka -- which is like throw out there and if she doesn't progress then drop em. But she has been progressing, expressing doubts and all this stuff. I ended up teaching the whole first lesson by myself basically, and I felt prompted to ask to be baptized earlier and so had my companion so I invited her and she just kinda started laughing. Then she was like no i'm not ready -- this kinda stuff -- and we kept pushing and pushing and she agreed to be baptized as long as she was ready!!! So happy, for real. this girl has been working with missionaries for 1 year. it just goes to show people are being prepared!!!!  

Then with our investigator Alejandro we had an awesome lesson with him, and he had some questions about his church and all this stuff. but he basically told us "ya I need to be baptized in the mormon church" hahahaha! So awesome!! But we have been working really hard with the young bucks in the ward, and it's turning out super good and my comp and elder allen are counselors now so boom there you go!! So it means every friday i get to lead the sector YES!! hahahaha I love it and I see how well i can actually speak to people!!

 Well i love you guys and grateful for everything!! My ankle is a lot better but still tight, a little swollen, and a little tender haha Chao mi perritos!!! love ya!!!


clay courts. I'm gonna play soon.


Dr. Pepper. Pure happiness.

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